Ajax_index table does not exist

Referencing the following: SOLVED: Recurring error: Table '<My server>.ajxp_index' doesn't exist

what is the Definition and Definer (per phpmyadmin) to recreate the triggers? Alternatively, can you save the table as a sql query and post here to simplify things as creating tables from screenshots is not ideal?


The sql queries for creation tables, trigger can be found in : https://github.com/pydio/pydio-core/tree/develop/dist/php

Which of the 26 files, all from versions prior to 8.0.1 (my version), should be used to create the table? Obviously, I only need the mysql versions but there are numerous files related to mysql table creation and updates. It appears that the creation happened in an earlier version and the updates have been occurring since version 5.x.

Same question fror ajxp_tasks table which also does not exist in my version. I do not know if other tables are missing or incorrect.

Finally, for upgrades shouldn’t these table checks be done during the upgrade where there is one file for each version which checks and corrects all the tables?

Please advise…it has been over a month since my previous question.

for the phpmyadmin triggers here’s a screen capture
as for the files you could take a look at this one it was a trigger.