Advanced search on metadata fails in AutoScalingGroup configuration


I have a cells configuration set up in a load balanced ASG in AWS. The instances use a shared RDS database. We are currently bug fixing and have come across this interesting issue.


  • Cells running on two instances with users routed through the load balancer at, lets say,
  • User adds metadata value “hotdog” to custom metadata field “my-meta”
  • User uses the advanced search and enters “hotd*” in the “my-meta” field
    • The file with “my-meta” value “hotdog” will appear in search results - fantastic.
  • Issue 1: Should the user be directed to another instance in the ASG - the value of “hotdog” is not available in “my-meta” field until the call /a/user-meta/update is issued by updating another metadata field on the same file.
  • Issue 2: When new instances are created in the ASG, the metadata fields are correctly populated, however, the user is not able to use the advanced search to find the file, again, until /a/user-meta/update is issued by updating another metadata field on the same file.

It appears that in both scenarios some form of resync is required.

We have spent a couple of days on this issue and haven’t really got anywhere so any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Currently using v3.0.9

please do not forget to always pecise your version, thanks. A lot of things are moving these days.

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if you want to play with multi-instances cells, you should really rather use the v4, a good starting point is here:

Doing such things in v3 is far from trivial and we really don’t have enough time to help you with this.

On the other hand, we would really appreciate your feedback on the v4 and will try to help you if you encounter some issues: we spent the last few months working hard on making such setups easier and more straight forward.
There might still be some glitches, but we are quite confident it now works and is much more HA readier than before!

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