Adding external drive


Hi There,

I have pydio 8.2.3(running on Ubuntu 18:04) and I’m hoping to add an external drive to the server and make visible to pydio.

Would anyone know the process of configuration in order to add it into?

I appreciate your help.



Hi and welcome,
which type of external drive would you like to add?



Just an external drive of 240GB.


Would you mind being a little more precise so that we can help please :slight_smile:

Is it:

  • an external USB disk?
  • A new hardware that you have add to your machine?
  • An additional volume storage that you bought from your provider (if it’s hosted) ?
  • A NFS file system that you have mounted

Anyway, at which path can you access this storage when you are logged in your Ubuntu server?



This is for a USB external drive(250GB).


OK, so here are next questions:

  1. At which path is your external drive mounted?
  2. Is it always the same path?
  3. Is the drive always there?


The drive is mounted on this path example “/media/localname/Home_Share” and this is a permanent path and the drive is always there.

I appreciate your help,



In your case i would advise you to create a workspace using the File System driver and choose a path that points to your mount. location

The only requirement is that the folder(the one that you are using for the workspace) is readable and/or writable by the webserver, usually www-data user.

Here’s a screenshot illustrating my example above.



I’ve created as per your suggestion but for some reason, I get an error message saying(Missing in URL mode). Also I’m not able to create folders or add anything to it.





  • could you please show the error log? (you might want to hide specific info like URL and so)
  • Are you sure that the user that run the App has Write permission on this path?




I’ve attached a screenshot of the logs. And yes, the user is admin and has full write permission on the path and also given full permissions on the server to this specific folder.

Is there any other area outside the Pydio software where path will have to be added?




Could you describe me the steps that you did to set the workspace?

No, the only requirement outside of Pydio is that the folder is owned by www-data or atleast readable/writable by the webserver (apache, nginx default user is usually www-data).

One more question, did you create the folder or did you let Pydio create the folder for you by enabling the create slider as seen in my screenshot (my previous post)?