Create Workspace with Role

Is there a way to automatically create a role whenever a new workspace is created? We have a system where certain each team has its own workspace and the team leader needs to be able to add users with access rights to the entire workspace.

The ultimate goal would be for a user to create a workspace, a matching role to be created and then the user manages access through their My Teams pages. But getting the role to create would really help refine the best process.


what’s possible is to create a workspace template, give it a default group( but you will have to create the group) and then everytime you create a workspace only the people that are in this group will have access to this workspace.

Thanks for that suggestion, but we can’t use groups as most of our users would need to be members of multiple groups. So as far as I can tell, roles would be my only option. I would be comfortable writing code to do this, but I haven’t been able to find anything in the documentation that would let me attach an action to the creation of a new workspace.