Actions or methods called on session timeout

I’ve spent a little time searching docs and code to find out what actions, plugins, or methods get called/triggered when the session times out. Any help narrowing this down would be appreciated.

Also, is there a list of actions somewhere in the dev docs? I see many in manifest files, but cannot seem to find a list of available actions.

Hello @Kyle_Tuck,

To be sure you are referring to Pydio 8 and not Cells?

It is Pydio 8. We are experiencing issues where file systems are not getting unmounted on session timeout. It is inconsistent though, so troubleshooting has been a pain. Added some additional logging into plugins/meta.mount/FilesystemMounter.php, but still haven’t found the issue. We have added a cron to unmount the shares. This seems to be the best (interim) solution.