Accidentally deleted admin role

We accidentally removed the admin role while cleaning up. Is there a way to re-establish this role?

Hello @Anthony_Addotta ,

This will apply the admin permission to the “ROOT_GROUP” which is for every user, if you have a specific role that you want to use, you can replace that part. (check your database for the role IDs).

  • cells admin acl create -a "read" -v 1 -n "settings-ROOT" -w "settings" -r "ROOT_GROUP"
  • cells admin acl create -a "write" -v 1 -n "settings-ROOT" -w "settings" -r "ROOT_GROUP"

Then once you have your access back, recreate the admin role.

by default the admin role has this body

  "Uuid": "ADMINS",
  "Label": "Administrators",
  "LastUpdated": 1637331856,
  "AutoApplies": [
  "Policies": [
      "id": "3",
      "Resource": "ADMINS",
      "Action": "READ",
      "Subject": "*",
      "Effect": "allow"
      "id": "4",
      "Resource": "ADMINS",
      "Action": "WRITE",
      "Subject": "profile:admin",
      "Effect": "allow"
  "PoliciesContextEditable": true

Thank you Zayn, where would I find the that body?

Hey @Anthony_Addotta,

I apologize for the confusion, I was not clear enough with my instructions.

You need to run the command with your Cells binary, which should bring back admin access, then use the web UI to recreate the admin role with the same settings as the JSON body above.

(do not forget to remove admin access to the role ROOT_GROUP which applies to all users.)

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