Why is the help text so badly readable?

I can hardly (sometimes not) read the help text in Settings. The text is almost greyed out.
How to make readable?


Thanks, Marten

could you tell me on which browser does this happen, also i would like to know your resolution and why not your operating system.

Here’s a screenshot on my part i’m on macos (21,5 inch 4k) on google chrome it looks like this:

Google Chrome on Windows 10
Resolution 1680 x 1050

Greetings, Marten

i tried using the google chrome feature to choose a custom resolution, i"ve put the same as you but i did not encounter what you see (could be because my monitor is 4k so the test could be wrong).

i was thinking but your resolution is something by 1050p, could you try with a 1080p resolution and see if you see the same thing?