Websocket 502 error

Every so often we find that the Cells interface is not automatically refreshing. Looking at the devtools network tab I can see that the web socket requests are all returning 502 errors. However Cells reports all the services are running fine.

If I restart Cells then it starts working again. There isn’t anything on the ‘Server Logs’ page searching for websocket since the last time I restarted Cells.

Running cells list shows the following:

./cells list
 # data
 pydio.test.objects                     [X]
 # frontend
 pydio.web.statics                      [X]
 # gateway
 pydio.gateway.data                     [X]
 pydio.gateway.dav                      [X]
 pydio.gateway.proxy                    [X]
 pydio.gateway.rest                     [X]
 pydio.gateway.websocket                [ ]
 pydio.gateway.wopi                     [X]

which doesn’t seem to match the web interface. I assume the [ ] means it knows it’s not working correctly?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to get the websocket service running again without restarting all of Cells. If I run cells start pydio.gateway.websocket then it runs it in my terminal, not within the already running application.


Could you please post the error log in web browser.

The error log in the browser does not list anything about the websocket. The last entry featuring ‘websocket’ is
pydio.gateway.websocket started

Having restarted Cells, the websocket service is now running (as reported both from Cells Console in the browser, and on the CLI).
Bu I am repeatedly getting:

WebSocket Closed Connection:The connection was closed abnormally, e.g., without sending or receiving a Close control frame (code 1006)

in the console log

Hi Andy
Can you try the new Cells v2.0.0-rc2 ?

  • we fixed the wrong services listing stuff
  • we fixed websocket service crashing from time to time

Regarding the browser CLI log, I think you can ignore it.