User Quota/Meta.Quota

I know this has been posted a few times, however I cannot get the My Files and Common Files workspaces to show user quota option. I’ve edited the bootstrap_repositories.php file as follows under both Default Files and My Files:

"META_SOURCES"          => array(
        "metastore.serial"=> array(
            "METADATA_FILE" => ".ajxp_meta",
            "METADATA_FILE_LOCATION" => "infolders"
        "meta.user"     => array(
            "meta_fields"           => "tags",
            "meta_labels"           => "Tags",
            "meta_visibility"   => "hidden"
        "meta.filehasher"   => array(),
        ""        => array(),
        "meta.syncable"     => array("REPO_SYNCABLE" => true),
        "meta.exif"   => array(
            "meta_fields" => "COMPUTED_GPS.GPS_Latitude,COMPUTED_GPS.GPS_Longitude",
            "meta_labels" => "Latitude,Longitude"
        "index.lucene" => array(
            "index_meta_fields" => "tags"
        "meta.quota"        => array()

I’ve refreshed the plugin cache, however it says ‘Cache is cleared but you are currently running in skip_cache mode’ Not sure if this has to do with it. please help!