Unable to install Cell v2 on web server

Dear team,
I am used to the old version of Pydio.
It has been nearly 4 years without installing it.
I wanted to install it , so I found that things have changed.
So, here is the thing:
I want to install Cell v2.
I dwonloaded the Linux AMD64 as my server is Linux.
I created a subdomain for example pydio.mydomain.com
I went to ftp, created a folder called pydio, uploaded the 2 files (cells and licence).
I connected to my ssh control and run the following commands:
chmod +x cells
setcap ‘cap_net_bind_service=+ep’ cells
( I got the message that "setcap is not found)
./cells install
(folder ./cells is not found)
I looked into the forum but couldn’t find something better.
Is there any normal setup like old time, if not did I did something wrong!
Thank you for your help.

Hi @walidon , sorry for the late reply :
1 - make sure to execute the setcap command as root (either by login as root or sudo).
2 - once your chmod +x cells, you should indeed be able to launch ./cells install

I am using a shared hosting. So that will not be possible I am afraid.
As i mentioned in another post, i like the old way of installing.
Thank you for your reply, but I gave up with Cells.
All the best.