Trying To Disable Workspace Activity To Prevent Cross-Workspace Visibility

Hi All,

We’re successfully running a Pydio installation on a cnetos7 linux box.
However we have encountered an issue where users locked down to a specific workspace can see activity in other workspaces such as root ‘/’ and recycle bin ‘/recycle_bin’.

Ideally we would like to disable the workspace activity pane ‘File Info’

Please could one of the resident guru’s let me know how this could be achieved please?

Many Thanks,

could you tell me which Pydio version you are using ?

Hi Zayn,

We’re running version 6.4.1 - 110416

I hope this helps!


Bumping self thread.
Really need a resolution for this issue =/

sorry for the late reply i don’t have much experience with the version 6 of pydio (i started when the version 8 was out) but i will see if i can get any information on that and will come back to you in that case.