Remove from workspace toolbar Chat and File info

We use pydio to share folders/files with our clients with an easy and a fast way. For each client we create a new cell and we share what we want from our own common workspace and a workspace which is available only visible in our side. Clients can see only the shared sell.

The problem which I have right now is that we need to remove a few unecessary things from the toolbar. For example we want to remove completely:

  • File info icon + File info panel
  • Chat icon + Chat panel

Unfortunately I can’t find the proper worspace parameters to disable these two things. for example addressbook can be disabled and there is an option to do it, for chat and file info I can’t find anything.

Could you give some help here please?

Let me mention also that I am using the docker cells

You can only do such customisation when using the Enterprise edition.

I was ready to send that the only way to do it is through Javascript and disable it from there, I just found it. So you need to make false the parameter showChatTab in PydioWorspace.js, then you need to rebuild with grunt the js files.

This is for chat, for file icon and folder activity seems that you can do the same (but removing the React create element or in core.activitystream/manifest.xml disable client_configs), I am on it right now