Synology Cloud Sync

Is it possible to synchronize my Pydio server with my Synology NAS with the Cloud Sync Synology application ?

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Hi, is it a way to actually backup the NAS to the cloud? We don’t have a synology-dedicated connector unfortunately.

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Hi, Yes it would be great to synchronize automatically some files from my synology to the Pydio cloud !
By the way thanks for your response.

I know I’m piping in late, but being a proud owner of a new Synology NAS, I’m certainly curious if this could be added as a future feature :slight_smile:

In the meantime, CloudSync can synchronise via WebDAV, so that’s a possibility!

It might also be possible to get Pydio to add a remote folder from the NAS via NFS, and do the synchronisation in the opposite direction.

Finally, it should also be possible to simply rely on rsync to do all the synchronisation chores…