Sync Client with wrong Hashing Constraints V4

I installed cells with the Ubuntu/Debian how-to at: here I am using Cells V4.3.0 Home Edition

So there is no Apache. I read on the Cells-Sync setup that it needed http/2 to work - however I do not know how to enable that mod if I don’t have Apache installed.

My client is Windows 10. I am behind a LE SSL. Server(cloud) works great, and my mobile app works flawlessly. I am just having difficulty getting my desktop app(sync client) to work properly.

I am able to make the connection, however I cannot refresh or display any workspaces. There is a red X next to the server showing it is having an error.

What set up alterations do I need to perform to get this working properly? I installed the windows Cells Sync from here


are the sync client and cells “speaking directly” or is there a reverse proxy inbetween ?

do you see any logs ?

They are speaking directly. There is not a proxy.

The error I pasted above is from the Cells Console.

Its confusing to me because the Cells server does not have Apache installed - The documentation I followed in the first link didn’t say to install apache, it just needs the Cells service to be running. So would I need to install Apache for the client to work, or?

I am able to authenticate, the OAuth works, but after that it wont show me workspaces, files, or anything and it shows the server has a red X on it as though it’s not getting a response.