Static js/css files being request by http://DNS/DNS/path_to_static

I have just downloaded Pydio to a digital ocean server to try it out as a solution for my clients. However, I ran into a strange issue that results in the static files being requested via the DNS followed by the DNS again rather than being followed by the path to the static file. Specifically these are the 2 problem paths:

Where it clearly should be:

That second link points to the correct location but no where can I find how the second iteration of my IP is being placed into the link. Is this a bug anyone else has encountered because I am at a total loss.

I am using the latest version of Pydio and Nginx as well as PHP 7.0

I managed to get through the setup wizard just fine and after putting in all the information it asked for is when the bug initially popped up.

it might be an issue with your rewrite rules on nginx, instead of just writing once the <ip/domain> it’s writing your <ip/domain> and when you request again it keeps your <ip/domain> + the requested <ip/domain>/<file/dir> instead of rewriting it like this <ip/domain>/<file/dir> once.