[SOLVED] Error while reading license file : invalid character

Hello !

I’m upgrading my Home Edition to an Enterprise one, but I encounter an error with my license file, on pydio start :
pydio@:~$ ./cells-enterprise start
Error while reading license file:
_ - invalid character ‘ë’ looking for beginning of value_

I wonder if there was a mistake in the license key we have been provided, or if i’ve done something wrong when creating my /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/pydio-license file.
Please note that the character ‘ë’ did not appear in the key.

My OS is Ubuntu 18.04.1



It’s strange. Could you please inbox me the license string?

Sure, but can’t find the way to leave you a private message…


The license you sent to me is for Pydio 8 (php). It can’t be used in Pydio Cells.
For testing, you can request a test license for cells.

Thanks c12simple, you are right, misunderstanding with the commercial service.