[Solved] Bookmarks icon clipped of on long user names (dev HEAD)


for a use with a full name longer than about 10 to 12 characters, the bookmarks icon and therefore the bookmarks list becomes inaccessible because of the icon being moved to the clipping area:


… making it shorter …


… and making it even shorter …


It would probably be better to show the icons below the users full name instead of beneath. This would also allow longer names to be shown. Changing the theme to use a smaller font size would be a good idea too.

thanks once more for the feedbacks i’ll notify the devs right away,
we are currently changing some menus on the interface.

Hi zayn,

thank you - good to see suggestions and reports are welcome :slight_smile:

Just wanted to confirm that this has been fixed with 1.4.0 - long user names get abbreviated or otherwise shortened now.