Sharing a file error: Error while parsing JSON response


We have a Pydio on a Windows 2008 serrver
Suddenly if we share a file, the cliënt recieving an error when he try to open the link to download the file

"Error while parsing JSON response : Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0"
Open the link with IE Google or Firefox give the same error…

Thnks in advanced for any reply.

Probably it’s problem of free disk space on your server


Thnks for your suggestion.
Last week indeed we had no free disk space.
But now there is 400 Gb free disk space.

We still have the same problem.


Can you send me a private message to me one public url ?

Hi C12simple,

Here a private message.
Sorry that it took a while.

Frank Van Aertselaer


I’m sorry, I meant I need one public link for testing, verify on my webbrowser. You can send it by a private message or public it here :smiley: