Search not working on s3 datasource


I’m currently on a trial version of Pydio Cells Enterprise (2.1.6).

Pydio is connected to a Minio server and is able to see the files and folders. When I added the Minio datastore, an indexing of all the files was made, and ended successfully.

However, since I added the datastore, I’ve been getting some “Task Stuck” error in the “Job based on events for creating document versions”.

My main issue is with the search engine, as it never shows more than one result at the same time, and isn’t able to find all the files. Most of the time, I can access a file by browsing into a folder but I can’t find it by search.

When pydio does find a file, It sometimes isn’t in the first page of the folder, so it isn’t selected when I click on it.

I really love pydio, it’s amazing and extremely powerfull.

However, I need to be able to solve those problems before finally investing some money in it.

Could someone tell me what could be wrong ?


Hello Lucas,
Regarding the search, could you give some detailed examples of the failing search queries ? E.g; list of file names inside a folder, the search query you try and the result?
For results not in the first page, normally it when opening from the search engine it should be forced to show in the first page (even if in fact in another page). Are these results files or folders?

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