General recommendation for Pydio?

After testing many file clouds, I find Pydio the best - the demo at first glance.
However, I am put off by the many error messages here in the forum.
I want to tag and search 15,000 PDFs.

Would you not recommend using it at the moment? And better wait for a more stable update?

Thank you for your opinions in advance.

I am tempted to answer with this old saying:

“There are two kinds of software technologies: the ones that everyone complains about, and the ones that nobody uses”.

… yes, there are still some bugs and annoying issues in the product, but we strive to fix them release after release as soon as we are aware of them. Let also mention that the (…kind of new…) Go version has been used in production for more than 2 years by both clients and the community, and it does the job.

From what you describe, I’m quite confident you should achieve your goal with a Cells v3 and a powerful enough server:
typically, we usually use Apache Tika as an external service to perform the indexation that we store in our local search engine and this has proven to be quite resource consuming.

Thus said, the feature you are talking about is only part of the Enterprise Distribution, so it might be a good idea to get in touch with the sales department ( sales [at] pydio [dot] com ) if you want to get a trial key and a quote.


I concur,
I don’t really have many error messages.
It is not always the easiest to find the answer you are looking for, and gosh knows the forum can be a pain, but I have tested most of the platforms in this space, and PYDIO CELLS is BY-FAR the best in the category.
Jason M.