Renaming uploaded files to a database naming convention vs actual file name being used

Good morning.
I noticed in looking through the ./config/cells data folder the file names from V2 to V3 have changed from the original name of the file being uploaded/stored to a database assigned naming convention?

Is that a true statement?

Is there a way to “not” use this feature?

During a disaster recovery scenario, where backups and restores are not effective, it will be a Jurassic pain in the A** to also have to open and Rename every single file in the database.

Looking to understand the naming convention changes from V2 to V3.


It also seems counter intuitive to keep the original “name” in the database, but to generate a database name, and Rename the uploaded file to the database “generated” name?

I also ask… as a lot of time and energy go into scanning PDF files and naming conventions to keep up with it all as we head toward a digital storage world vs paper file cabinets…

Is the renaming of the file actually required? Can this be bypassed so that the /data sub folders contain the “user” named/relatable named files and NOT the database “named” generated file names???

This will definitely make me rethink using pydio as a long term file storage system with multiple redundant backup/restore scenarios, if I cannot access the data structure as it was “originally” named/renamed/created vs database renamed random file names

Also, I would assume that performance could/would be improved if there was no need to rename the referenced file to a database generated name instead of just keeping it and referencing it.??

Hello @jasonmccullar ,

Must read : Datasource Format | Pydio
In a nutshell:

  • you can definitely keep creating datasources in the “old” (=structured) format.
  • Datasources are not modified during v2 to v3 upgrade.