Re-send invitations, password resets, etc

Currently with Pydio v 8.2.2 there appears to be no means to re-issue an invitation to a contact created in a users contact book. I can edit a contact, change a password and such but it does not issue a new invitation or updated invitation to the contact as it does when the contact is first created.

Ideally, there should be a button to re-issue any invitations with username and password included. Alternatively, a password change should trigger an automated re-issue of the invitation with updated credentials and acknowledgement that the change was made administratively by the owner of the contact.

Secondary to the above, it would be a great feature to provide a history log of issued communications to any contact. In the contact book, it should be possible to access this history list indicating all issued emails and their purpose so that users can verify if an invitation was sent, and what its purpose was (e.g. User Created/Password Changed/Detail Change)

we are currently not releasing features/plugins for pydio 8, we are focused on cells,
but your ideas would be interesting for cells.
You could develop the plugin by yourself if you have some knowledge and really need this feature.

I honestly don’t even know what Pydio Cells is, I had thought it was an add-on to Pydio 8 until just now.

Can I install the free version of Cells beside Pydio 8 or do I need to provision a new server?
Is Cells still open source?

Yes you can install cells beside pydio 8 as long as you use different ports,

yes it is.