PydioSync - Couldn't load your workspaces

I have recently installed a clean version of Pydio Core 8.2.3 and PydioSync Windows v2.2.0. Pydio seems to work just fine. I went through the troubleshooter and verified that /runTests.php?api=true works for the ‘my-files’ workspace slug. But, when I try to configure my connection in PydioSync, I just get a message:

  • Couldn’t load your workspaces, check your server !

There is nothing in the log and no apparent message on the server. I don’t know what step I am missing.


Sync Client will connect to pydio via api with this uri. Try some request (with browser) on following uri:

/api/workspace-slug(or id)/changes

if it does not work, make sure you have correct version of .htaccess (example:

The browser requests work just fine, but PydioSync still work connect properly. I still get the ‘Couldn’t load your workspaces’ message