Pydio with Collabora - Document timestamp doesn't update

Hello everyone,

I’ve installed the latest CODE version via packages, not Docker.
CODE works great with Pydio now.
But, the “last modification” field always says “49 years ago” (aka 01/01/1970 I think). See my screenshot below.

My server configuration is the following :
Pydio version : 8.2.2
OS : Ubuntu 16.04

I’ve no idea how to solve this issue.
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Same thing here on Pydio Cells 1.4.1

is it also installed collabora for you?
i want to confirm and test what happens
and does it happen with the docker of collabora ?

@zayn I’m using both Cells and Collabora with docker.


I’ve tried with both docker and packages, it is the same case.

sorry for the late answer indeed the last modification date is 49 years ago,
i’ll put a ticket about it so that we could see what we can do.