iOS App crashes every time

Every time I attempt to connect to my server via the Pydio Lite application, it immediately crashes. I launch the app and can see my saved connection. As soon as I touch it, the app crashes and I’m back to my phone home screen. The only way I’ve been able to make it work is by adding a new server and re-entering all the server information and credentials. It will then work for THAT session - but as soon as I close the app and attempt to reconnect another time, it crashes. Any ideas???

With my iOS devices, I have faced the same problem, That, how many times I have installed the iOS App on my devices, It being crashed at the time of running, In stead of that, you may use Netgear Customer Support to run the iOS applications over that.

we are going to publish a new version for the Pydio lite app, it will be on the app store, so keep an eye on the update tab of your app store.