Pydio grpc issues with docker-compose, nginx and cells sync


I’ve been trying to get an install of pydio going with docker-compose and using Nginx as a reverse proxy. Everything seems to work great, I can get pydio to install, the web-page loads fine, where I can do everything I expect. I can add the account to pydio cells sync desktop, but I can’t add a synchronization task due to a gRPC port not opened correctly error. I tried to follow the various bits of online documentation about getting the gRPC to work with Nginx, but I must be doing something wrong.

After trying all the things I found with none of them working, I realized that in the docker-compose.yml file, port 33060 is not actually exposed. However, when I add it to the ports for the service, I can no longer docker-compose up -d. The message I get is essentially port 33060 is already in use. And indeed nginx is running and listening on port 33060. If I stop Nginx or remove the port 33060 from being exported, then docker will start, but then nginx can’t start. See linked docker-compose.yml and nginx configuration


Can anyone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong (other than being a noob with docker and nginx)?

I had the same issue, on the line 9 in your docker-compose.yml you have:

ports: [“8080:8080”,“33060:33060”]`

You need to change this, so 33060 is exposed as, for example, 33020, then in nginx you just grpc_pass to this exposed port. So a line in your nginx config would look like this:

grpc_pass grpcs://localhost:33020;

After this change, everything should work.

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