Pydio error on login page after altering the title from “Pydio” to something else

Before changing it, it was set as extranet and it was reset to Pydio when I changed a ajax_config_plugin file that needed to be reset with .bak as an extension after having a blank webpage with the previous issue I last had to resolve.
After it was resolved, I went into the settings and changed the default title “Pydio” to “Welcome to the extranet”. The site then prompted me with this webpage error.

Below is the error,

Fatal error : Uncaught exception ‘FastRoute\BadRouteException’ with message ‘Number of opening ‘[’ and closing ‘]’ does not match’ in /home/e3admin/public_html/extranet/core/vendor/nikic/fast-route/src/RouteParser/Std.php:37 Stack trace: #0 /home/e3admin/public_html/extranet/core/vendor/nikic/fast-route/src/RouteCollector.php(41): FastRoute\RouteParser\Std->parse(’/extranet/publi…’) #1 /home/e3admin/public_html/extranet/core/src/pydio/Core/Http/TopLevelRouter.php(96): FastRoute\RouteCollector->addRoute(Array, ‘/extranet/publi…’, Array) #2 /home/e3admin/public_html/extranet/core/src/pydio/Core/Http/TopLevelRouter.php(126): Pydio\Core\Http\TopLevelRouter->configureRoutes(’/extranet’, Object(FastRoute\RouteCollector)) #3 /home/e3admin/public_html/extranet/core/vendor/nikic/fast-route/src/functions.php(61): Pydio\Core\Http\TopLevelRouter->Pydio\Core\Http{closure}(Object(FastRoute\RouteCollector)) #4 /home/e3admin/public_html/extranet/core/src/pydio/Core/Http/TopLevelRouter.php(127): FastRoute\cachedDispatcher(Object(Closu in /home/e3admin/public_html/extranet/core/vendor/nikic/fast-route/src/RouteParser/Std.php on line 37


Could you try to clear the caches, they are located in your Pydio folder,
if you did an archive installation, you can use the following commands:
rm -rf /var/www/pydio/data/cache/plugins_* & rm -rf /var/www/pydio/data/cache/i18n/*.

Hey Zayn,
I cleared the cache within the cache folder that had the .ser extension but could not find any files located in the il8n folder.
The error persists.

Cleared all Plugin_* in the cache and changed the application title back to the defaulted “Pydio” in the gui.ajax in the phpdb. Issue still is occurring. What more can I do to resolve this error?


I will ask a more experienced person on Pydio 8, he might have a clue about this.

@c12simple do you have any idea about this?