Pydio Cells Storage on another Server



here’s my minio configuration if it can help(my minio is running on another server with the 109 ip)
usually you should atleast check that you can access it through URI,

edit: could you tell me what cells version are you on right now and also are you reverse proxying?


This are my settings:

Minio version:

➜  cells git:(stable) ✗ minio version
Version: 2018-11-17T01:23:48Z
Release-Tag: RELEASE.2018-11-17T01-23-48Z
Commit-ID: 7b579caf686110d96349ec4e90beacf7eed5af89

Cells version:

github cells with stable branch

And I’m not using reverse proxying



I’ve been setting a minio server alongside pydio, the former is working great but when I try configuring pydio with my minio (I’ve double checked the conf to have something similar to what @zayn posted) I got the following error:

Ts : 1542738998
Level : error
Logger :
Msg : Could not run - objects not reachable
SpanUuid : span-8

and basically, I have the same issue than when I try using local mount drive.

after fiddling a bit with minio, I found that minio can be launch with server command but also as gateway nas, maybe it can be a better way to launch the internal minio instance? Namely I found locally that I have less issue concerning cross device mount that I had previously (see there for reference: Error while listing on creation or resync of a DataSource)

my 2 cents

PS: I’m starting to wonder if I’m not going to simply use plain minio instead of cells (especially now that they have multi users support).


Hi @TmCTux, I was rechecking your both threads
I guess we have other stuff involved here, the various patterns you are describing (/mnt/home/something & minio storage backend) should indeed be supported without issues. But one port is wrong and everything is messed up… If you are still willing to try, maybe if you are working on a staging environment you could PM a temp access to the machine so that we check what is going wrong?
Regarding using plain minio, probably if you plan is only to expose your files as S3 and a basic browser, it can be a way to go :slight_smile:. Cells would add an additional layer of features that you don’t necessarily need (?).
Anyway, ping if we can help further


Hi there, I’m curious if minio will work if we have an nfs mount? Or would the same thing happen as with the SMB mount?


Hello @ryryITguy we’ve been retesting the usecase since then, it does work with minio.
The only constraint is to have point to a folder whose parent is writeable by Cells, so if you mount your remote storage on /mnt/data for example, make sure to create a datasource on /mnt/data/foldername (where foldername is lowercase and contains only ascii chars and no space, as it is used as an s3 bucket name).


I will test, thank you sir.