Pydio Booster working but throwing Error

Pydio Booster (v1.2.0) is running fine and we are ready to go in production.

There are still some error messages in the pydio-booster log:

Startup of Pydio Booster:

ERROR 2018/03/24 09:12:29.630264 [pydiomiddleware] Could not decode to auth
ERROR 2018/03/24 09:50:32.782413 [pydiomiddleware] Not a match

Later while usage:

ERROR 2018/03/24 10:01:00.938847 [pydiomiddleware] Could not decode to Node  Context value is not a reader
ERROR 2018/03/24 10:01:00.938850 [pydiomiddleware] Request : Could not read node
ERROR 2018/03/24 10:01:00.938861 [pydiomiddleware] Could not decode to auth

Everything works, we can upload huuuge files (50G) without problems :slight_smile:

Are the Errors “normal” or should we worry?