Booster Downloads no worky, any prediction?

Hi folks
Has anyone gotten pydio booster for downloads to work?
if yes, HOW? apache proxy or with the additional port (ie 8090) open?

Please share!

booster for uploads: works
booster for downloads: no.

I stumple on the:
"Blocked a frame with origin H TTPS://DOMAIN from accessing a frame with origin H TTPS://DOMAIN:8090"
problem. It seems to be by design, called “Same-origin security policy”.
I think it tries to open an iframe.

In any case, if anyone could please share a working pydiocaddy/ apacheproxy config, preferably for SSL and an installation sub folder,

The equal question from the old forum is here:


The closest hit I can do is configure an apache proxy to get around the Origin-restriction.
But download still it seems not to work, as it appeares:

  • There is a folder created named “fake-name” and nothing happens
  • This folder seems only temporary. Reloading the page makes it disappear.
  • The pydio-booster log says:
    INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.309656 [pydiomiddleware] START INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.310002 [pydiomiddleware] END - took %s 144.837µs ERROR 2017/12/14 02:34:14.310092 [pydiomiddleware] Not a match INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.310172 [pydiomiddleware] START INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.310352 [pydiomiddleware] Request Job Start {https <nil> MYDOMAIN /http/ false device=upload&get_action=keystore_generate_auth_token } [] map[device:[upload] get_action:[keystore_generate_auth_token]] {token body} INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.310668 [pydiomiddleware] Node job: retrieved {1 / {0 false false false { } { false }}} from /io/1/ INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.311449 [pydiomiddleware] END - took %s 1.234433ms INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.311507 [pydiomiddleware] START INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.311707 [pydiomiddleware] Request Job Start {https <nil> MYDOMAIN /http/api/{repo}/upload/put/{nodedir} /http/api/{repo}/upload/put/{nodedir} false get_action=download& } [[X-File-Direct-Upload request-options] [X-Pydio-Admin-Auth MYtokenP:MYtokenS] [X-File-Name {nodename}]] map[get_action:[download] nodes[]:[/] secure_token:[n6qtOSqhrY1if5EeI9OxIu1M3Il9rsIB] xhr_uploader:[true]] {options body} ERROR 2017/12/14 02:34:14.311874 [pydiomiddleware] Could not decode to auth INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.463765 [pydiomiddleware] END - took %s 152.236612ms INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.463803 [pydiomiddleware] START INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.463887 [pydiomiddleware] Request Job Start {https <nil> MYDOMAIN /http/api/{repo}/upload/put/{nodedir} /http/api/{repo}/upload/put/{nodedir} false xhr_uploader=true } [[X-File-Direct-Upload upload-finished] [X-Pydio-Admin-Auth MYtokenP:MYtokenS] [X-File-Name {nodename}]] map[xhr_uploader:[true]] {body body} ERROR 2017/12/14 02:34:14.463993 [pydiomiddleware] Could not decode to auth INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.798302 [nsqd] TCP: new client( INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.798420 [nsqd] CLIENT( desired protocol magic ' V2' INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.799392 [pydiows] PydioWS : handler END INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.832175 [nsqd] PROTOCOL(V2): [] exiting ioloop INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.832352 [nsqd] PROTOCOL(V2): [] exiting messagePump INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.845749 [pydiomiddleware] END - took %s 381.933292ms INFO 2017/12/14 02:34:14.845784 [pydiomiddleware] got a status code 200
    help is much appreciated