[Pydio 8.2.1-1 RPM] Forgot Password Form not work when access from WAN

I have this form of connection to Pydio:

WAN —> Reverse Proxy (Apache 2.4) —> Pydio Server
LAN —> ----|

When I ask for change password in the ‘Forgot your Password’ link, I receive a link in my email and when I try access from LAN, everything is ok, I can open the change password form and finish password change. But, when I open that or any passwd change link from WAN, it’s open the change password form and quickly reload to Login form.

When I Change Core Config => Authentication => Standard Login Screen Protocol Type for Rest only, I can see the password form from WAN, but Login is disabled.

Default is Session-Based or Rest, but not work when I open from WAN.

I couldn’t identify what is different between HTTP header from external connections and internal connections.

Can anyone had this issue too??