Pydio 7.0.3: LicenceManager.php for PHP 7.1


We have a pydio 7.0.3 installation and our webserver was (more or less unvoluntarily) upgraded to PHP version 7.1. We can not go back to PHP 7.0.

From what i’ve read in other posts, Pydio 7.0.3 is not compatible with PHP 7.1 out of the box.

I managed to get it to work for the most parts, but the file /plugins/core.licence/LicenceManager.php seems to be encoded for PHP 5.6 and only runs with up to PHP 7.0.

Is there a version for this file that works with PHP 7.1?

If not, is there another option?

Thanks in advance.

Please upgrade to pydio latest version. Pydio 703 does not support php7.
If you have license, please use zendesk for quick support service