Publish/bind locally and on internet

Hello everyone

New to Pydio and just trying it out (Cells) to see if it fits what I need.

I want to publish the service online under my domain name to access over the internet. I also want to publish locally (ie. direct to the server computer’s bare IP address or at least loopback address) in case I lose internet access (the domain name is proxied through Cloudflare) and to allow heavy local processing of the data (I need to export it all locally through command line without going over network). Basically I just want to know is this publishing online and also locally-only is a supported scenario.

I have installed Cells and got it working, when both the internal and external URLs are available. However, if the external URL is unavailable and I access using the internal, it does not work. So I assume I can’t interact using only using the internal binding (for example if the external binding is not available (for example I wanted to make sure I was understanding the situation correctly. I also think I read that the sync service has more specific requirements about proxying etc. I need that to work over the internet, and also local-only if it is required by the command line.

Thank you for your help

Sorry, I seem to have posted this under Sync Client accidentally when I intended it to be in Server / Cells (probably Cells?). Is it possible to have the topic moved? Thanks.


the use-case you describe seems to be quite common: it has been requested quite a few time lately, but unfortunately, it is not yet possible in latest version (2.0.6 as we speak).

Good news is that we are actively working on this. This might comes this summer, after the 2.1.x version is out.

Thank you bsinou for the clear answer. I will stay with using the current product I have for now then, but I will definitely check back on Pydio in the summer. Thanks again.