Problem with indexing storage (Cells 4.0.4)

After uploading a very large movie to a personal folder the system produces and error:

2022-11-23T09:41:56.756Z e[31mERRORe[0m e[[0m Cannot compute checksum for user/webminar/Webminar.mp4 {“error”: “Put "\”: net/http: timeout awaiting response headers", “SpanRootUuid”: “ee0c77b2-d7dd-48f1-b04c-9cf3cc8a063a”, “SpanParentUuid”: “ee0c77b2-d7dd-48f1-b04c-9cf3cc8a063a”, “SpanUuid”: “ba9cc9e6-2a78-4f9f-8498-7f81da98a6da”, “OperationUuid”: “resync-ds-personal-be4965bc”, “SchedulerJobUuid”: “resync-ds-personal”, “SchedulerTaskUuid”: “be4965bc-040d-4983-aa2d-617d18c11709”, “SchedulerTaskActionPath”: “ROOT/actions.cmd.resync$0”}

The only way I found to avoid the problem was moving the file locally outside the storage area of CELLS.

Hello Antonio,
That’s interesting. Can you give more info : what’s the file size, what’s the storage type, Local FS? if so, can you check the space left on the storage device?

Hi Charles
I am running Cells 4.0.4 under Windows 10 (NTFS file system). The server is Apache 2.4.41 (Win64) with PHP 7.3.13. The file causing problems has 6,39 GB (6 868 955 587 bytes) in size and the HDD has 708Gb free.

Thanks for the info. Additional question, do you think it’s a v4-specific issue ? => did you run v3 before and managed movie files without issues ?

Hi Charles
I believe this was an incidental problem not related with a specific version. I have moved the folder with the movie back to a clean forlder under my account and Cells managed to reindex it properly.

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