Problem with dropbox connectivity version 8.0.2

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i have installed v8.0.2, i have created API app at dropbox developer website, setup new workspace with all provided credentials however my workspace failed to load with error

"there was a problem trying ot open a folder pydio://admin@xxxxxxx "

workspace setting for dropbox driver as follow:
api url: https:// api. dropbox. com/2/
consumer key: ucakosxf2kvmmik
consumer secret: bnov8xqjhl7d79h

Oauth common:
client id: ucakosxf2kvmmik
client secret: bnov8xqjhl7d79h
auth url: https:// www. dropbox. com/1/oauth2/authorize
token url: https:// www. dropbox. com/1/oauth2/token
redirect url: https:// pyd. rocksoft. net/pydio/ index.php?get_action=dropbox_oauth_authorize

when firts opening the workspace, i got dropbox message to authorized the web/app after click allow, it still error as below when displaying workspace

kindly refer screeshots attached…

hope you can assist