Problem to connect Sync client to server subdomain

Dear Pydio-Community,

i’ve recently installed Pydio for an enterprise on it’s Apache server’s subdomain ( Everything works fine via Browser including all administrative tasks, and i must say: I love Pydio!

Now, before purchasing the pro-version in the future, i wanted to test the software to assure that the company’s data management is going to be improved and secure.

When trying to connect a Pydio sync client (from both MS & OSX) i’m getting errors. The client can’t connect to the application running on the server. Could you be so kind and give me a hint towards a solution of that issue?

Thank you!


FONS Consulting GmbH
Uhlandstraße 97
10715 Berlin

the issue might be on your apache server, are you using a firewall ? a reverse proxy ? or any other technicality on apache.