Path encoding bug in Cells v2.0.2

Hey, found a bug just now. A staff member created a Cell and shared it out. The client uploaded a folder and a few documents into the share. The staff member found he could not download the folder or any contents when clicking on the folder in the interface, however, he could use the “Download” command to get a zip of the folder.

After a bit of debugging I figured out the issue was that the client had a percent sign “%” in their folder name. Renaming the folder to remove the percent sign fixed the problems.

Looks to me like you have an issue in your encoding of path names when navigating folders in the interface.




Do you have a reverse-proxy in your setup?

Hi @zayn,

No, there is no reverse-proxy. The server is NAT’d out to the wild wild westernet, but no proxies. I examined the JSON requests/responses and didn’t see any issues involved there.

I did a little more sleuthing and found the problem gets even more bizarre. I’m starting to think there’s a backend issue involved. Here’s the steps to reproduce on my install:

1 - Login and create a Cell
2 - Create a folder named “Yup %nope”
3 - Attempt to enter “Yup %nope” and you will find that you can’t, the UI just blinks and does nothing.
4 - [Right-Click]->Rename the folder to “Yup nope” and it will work and you can enter/leave the folder just fine.
5 - Rename the folder to “Yup %nope”, this time it will be named “Yup %nope-1”
6 - Rename the folder to “Yup nope-1”
7 - Rename the folder to “Yup %nope-1” and you will get “Yup %nope-1-1”

Looks to me like a naming issue on the backend, possibly database related. Here’s my specs:

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
MySQL package: 5.7.28-ubuntu18.04.4
Cells: v2.0.2