Looking for additional info on "File stuck on Preparing files for upload"

Pydio Cells Home Edition 4.2.7

I’m looking for additional info to File upload stuck on "Preparing files for upload" - #3 by giesmininkas

I dropped my initial set of files and it said it was analyzing the folders. I had to press something to start copy. I have filenames with ampersands and commas but not sure if that was the issue. I don;t want to get too far into cells and have all kinds of issues. Thanks.


It happens when you upload a folder with a lot of files. Cells requires more time to check the existing files at the server. That why it takes time.

Please try to reduce the number of file of uploading folder.

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thanks. Do I need to rename all of the directories and files with commas and ampersands?


The specific characters are accepted. You do not need to rename file/folder name.

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thanks. I appreciate your help.

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