OSX Sync no active agent

Client OS : macOS Sierra (10.12.6)
Client version: PydioSync v1.2.8 September 29 2016
Pydio Server OS and version: I don’t know.
Wether it’s a first connection issue or a synchronisation process issue: Connection issue.

Related thread:

After a completely clean install (all plist’s rm’d), after an apparently successful installation the drop down menu from the PydioSync icon has three greyed out entries: “No active agent”, “No active job”, and “Settings”, below that you can select “About” or “Quit”.

The fix requires a harrowing journey through the instructions in the related thread, installing the sync-agent from GitHub, and writing a launch script within the /Application/PydioSync.app bundle.

The dmg for macOS hasn’t been updated for over a year, and this problem has persisted that long too. Is development of PydioSync dead?

Hi @itcarroll
In fact we are re-working the sync from the ground up. So definitely it’s not dead, but we still need a couple of months to have something new. We swear it will be cool, just be patient :slight_smile:

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