Cannot open files on iPhone with pydio app version 2.1


We would like to access our Pydio server on iPhone (iOS 12). Unfortunately it does not work:

  • the authentication seems to be okay
  • we can list the folders/files
  • but if we try to open a file, the application hangs and after a while it crashes
  • while it hangs (during opening a text file created on web) an XML appears on the background with error message: You are not allowed to access this resource
  • this error message is shown also on the server side in log file:
    ERROR shared SecureTokenMiddleware.php error l.70 message=You are not allowed to access this resource.

It seems that the bug comes with the new 2.1 version of pydio app, because we already used the application earlier (also the pydio lite app worked before, but it cannot be used anymore).
There should be no permission problem, because it works with other clients and via the web.

Can you please help us?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

could you tell me your pydio server version?


Version: 8.2.2
It runs on Ubuntu 18.04.2, the pydio was installed from this repo: bionic

Thanks for your help!


could you tell me if that happens with a specific file type?

No, unfortunately, I could not find any file, that can be opened (typical types: txt, pdf, doc).

Any idea?


I have the same issue but with version 2.2.4 (iOS 13). In my case a blank screen appears with 0% in the middle for pdfs, and black screen with the loading icon for images. No problem using the web browser (even from the device). I see nothing on server side.

Cells 1.6.1, CentOS7, mysql 5.7