Network error Failed to fetch - browser chrome

Hello, I have a tree folder in my pydio site, when trying to access in some specfic routes of folders it doesn’t enter, there is a delay trying to enter about 5 seconds aproximately and a message “Network error Failed to fetch” appears, it occurs just in google chrome browser, and if try to enter in firefox there’s no problem in navigation of folders, including the same route than I try in chrome. Please someone can help in that problem???.

could you clean Chrome’s cache and see if the errors reappears again ?

Hi Zayn.

i cleared the browser cache and i still get the error.

could you open a new subject and tell me the specifics of your issue, Pydio, os, etc… versions
and also the log of the error and the context, when, where it happens.


Sorry for the trouble.
I think its sorted out. simply had to restart the router and poof, it started working. not sure why it started in the first place tho…

Thanks a bunch.