Manual update on Pydio Cells 2.2.12 to 3.0.3

Hi, so I followed this guide originally to install Pydio Cells 2.2.12,

which was working fine, I have just started looking at an issue so wanted to update.

However all updates where failing. no matter what version I tried, there was a latest 2.x security release. or any of the 3.x updates. all started got to 33 or 35 Percent then got a connection error and the application would restart.

So I used the same guide as above, stopped the cell.service then started at the receive binary section used wget to download the latest cells version from github.
copying it to the relevant directory again overwriting the old, updated the symbolic link. and exec permissions using the same commands from the install guide.

then restarted the cells.service.

Now it looks like it is running and working OK, but I just wanted check to make sure I haven’t done something stupid…

Hello @mattm,

Could it be a network issue ?

As long as you replaced the existing binary with a newer binary, the version number must be superior to the old binary, the updates will work accordingly.

Technically, you only need to replace binaries and restart Cells to update, the migration will be done automatically.

(always make sure that the new binary version is higher than the current one, use cells version)

But I believe that it should be alright as long as you are always using the latest binary.

Great thank you for this response.
And yes I downloaded the latest 3.0.3, version and jumped straight to that.

thanks again.

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