Admin access to an old system

i am new to the PYDIO system, but was just asked to update some items on it. I have been looking for the admin page but for the logo and such.

we are on a very old system and trying to see the best way to get upgraded. (version 6.0.8 - 2015-06-29)
Also, i do not have the DB password either.


Pydio PHP is no longer supported. But you can download the source code from following link. The latest version was 8.2.5;O=D

In your case, the v6 is too old and we recommend to upgrade to pydio 8 to be able to migrate to pydio Cells
The DB password can be found in PydioRoot/data/plugins/boot.conf/bootstrap.json file

Thank you that helped a lot.
would you happen to know where the image files would be for the logos (like the one over the login form and the one the is on the big splash page?
I am searching but i figured i could also ask.

Images are stored in binary format in DB
You can download them by right click => save as :slight_smile:

Thank you, that is what i was afraid of.

I am needing to replace the logos, and cannot find the admin access to upload the new ones.

I am admin in the GUI but no option to change logo’s

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