Issue with new app and clarification request

Good morning everyone,
I write because today my app (Lite version) on Iphone was updated to new one.
The problem is that when I started over it appeared on the screen this message:

“Pydio Lite is now discontinued, is replaced by our new Pydio application(free of charge).
Please install Pydio and reconfigure your servers connections.”

So I clicked on button and I was redirected to the Pro version (1,09€). Now the question is what do You exactly mean when You say Free of charge. Obviously is not a problem to pay 1,09€ but I think that the communication must be clarified.
Was a my misunderstanding or what?
Thank You very much for Your attention.
Best regards
Alessandro Valori

this should be updated on the app store by now, the new app is free.
could you confirm me that?

Good morning Zayn,
I confirm that now it’s free.
Thank You very much for Your support
Warm regards