Ignore files/folders

How can I ignore a file or folder from syncing?
I didnt find any documentation or topic related to this.
I Just would like some kind of gitignore file to ignore node_modules folder from node packages.

Hello @lucasctd ,

As of now we do not have mechanism to ignore files with the Sync-client, but it is something that would be cool to have.

I’ll ping the cells-sync dev about the feature (also will create a ticket on this issue with a link to the post).

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hello @lucasctd ,

after some talks with the dev it seems that it could be worked on and added,

Would you mind opening a github issue and describing your exact use case?

Okay, I’ll open an issue there then. Thank for replying.

I have opened the following issue on github: Add support to ignore files/folder · Issue #36 · pydio/cells-sync (github.com)