How to show Hidden Files?

Describe your issue in detail

When accessing via WebDav, some folder cannot be accessed. Pydio has the following error:

Further investigation shows that during upload, hidden files are uploaded together. Folders with hidden files (files that start with dot) are all inaccessible from WebDav.
Now, I don’t really know how to do, because Pydio Cells web UI seems like no way to show hidden files (or at least I couldn’t find). How to delete? My datasource is S3, so the file structures are not retained.

What version of Cells are you using?

Home Edition 4.3.0

What is the server OS? Database name/version? Browser name or mobile device description (if issue appears client-side)?

OS: Archlinux
Database: Mariadb 11.1.2
Browser: Firefox
WebDav Browser: FolderSync (android), File Explorer (windows 10 21H2)

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

Unable to resolve.
Initially thought that it is NGINX issue, so changed my reverse proxy from nginx to caddy. No difference.
Follow official sample configuration for reverse proxy. No difference.
After investigation, concluded that it is because the problematic folders has hidden files. Unable to do anything because the problem is on pydio. I find no settings to show the Hidden Files, and my datasource is using flat structure.

So… at the moment, this is kind of a workaround:
First, we have the issue due to hidden dot files. I discovered it is actually visible from S3 (yes, due to this issue, I discovered that Pydio do exposes itself as S3… I guess people don’t really know about this lol except for that one guy that posted about an issue with the Pydio S3 api)

So, thru S3, we delete the hidden dot files, and now the folder is accessible from WebDav!

But afterall, the design should be that:

  1. let users upload dot files but it must at least able to be shown from Web Interface
  2. don’t let users upload dot files at all

The dot files got its way to my Pydio files due to uploading entire folder directly. There should be filtering to prevent uploading dot files if hidden files are not supported by Pydio. Just my opinion. Pydio is extremely great afterall. I hope this could be resolved!
It will be great if at least there’s a way to find and delete all the dot files. For now, I have no choice but to check every folder for the dot files…

Uh… it’s more than 2 weeks and there are no replies. Is here not the right place to report issues? At least good to inform if this will be looked into, so I can move on to other thing if pydio can’t have this fixed.

sorry @leewp14 for this great delay.
Normally our generic approach is indeed to not allow for hidden files at all.
So we have to understand how you did end up with dot files : you say “due to uploading entire folder directly”, so was it through the web interface or via WebDAV ? i’m not sure here.

Hi Charles, not an issue, thanks for replying!

I see. The upload is done through the web interface - selecting an entire folder to upload. So these dot files are in the folders because of Mac OS generating it and are not really needed actually.
And with the dot files being uploaded, for let’s say inside a “test” directory, then the “test” directory will not be accessible from WebDav. For now, only way to delete the dot files is to access Pydio through S3 protocol via Cyberduck, and the folder will be accessible again via WebDav.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need me to check on something. Thanks!

There was indeed a glitch with files that start with ._ … It is fixed together with a few improvement in this area with v4.3.2 that is fresh out of the oven. Feel free to try it and let us now if you have still some questions / issues

Just updated to v4.3.2 and happy to report back that ._ files no longer affects webdav directory listing. Although, those files are still uploaded to pydio, but that’s totally fine for now. Huge thanks!
I wonder if Pydio accepts donation? I couldn’t find any links or whatsoever.
Have a great day!

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