Davfs2 mount issue


When I mount the webdav using davfs2 and create a file from my computer, the file can then not be deleted, neither from my computer nor the web interface using the “Delete Definitely” option. This has nothing to do with the size of the file.
I see this error in the logs:
{“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2021-11-04T07:57:42Z”,“logger”:“pydio.gateway.dav”,“msg”:“Exec.DeleteNode : cannot find object in s3! Should it be removed from index?”,“RemoteAddress”:“”,“UserAgent”:“davfs2/1.5.5 neon/0.30.2”,“HttpProtocol”:“HTTP/1.1”,“UserName”:“dga”,“UserUuid”:“92de1199-e19b-4b08-a489-55a33747a6a3”,“GroupPath”:"/",“Profile”:“standard”,“Roles”:“ROOT_GROUP,92de1199-e19b-4b08-a489-55a33747a6a3”,“NodePath”:“personal/dga/Nouveau”}

But we are not using S3.

The only way I can fix it is by deleting without the “Delete Definitely” option in the web interface.
I will first get an error, then after a few seconds it will be correctly put in the recycle bin.
This apparently work because it corrects the indexation

So, my guess is that, when creating a file from my mount, the indexation is not done correctly.
Is there a fix for that?

Thank you for the response.

Hello @divad1196
Just to make sure, what Cells version are you using?

here is the output of the version subcommand.

Hi, so do you have any clue of what may be the issue here?

Hello - sorry for the late answer.
Dav clients are often a bit flakky… Did you retry with 3.0.3 ?

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