How to make changes to React front-end source files build?


I have a local clone of the pydio/cells GitHub project. I can make changes to the React source files but after running commands ‘make dev’ & ‘./cells start’ none of the changes show up. Any changes to UI language resource files show-up ok, but not changes to the React source files. Is there a build step for the front-end React code that I am missing?

Remove the dev arg, just run make
make && ./cells start

Thank you for helping! I tried your suggestion but got the same result as before. I’m really stuck, do you have any other ideas?

Clear browser cache, disable CDN or proxy…

Hello @upinthesky

1 - Do you webpack after changing the sources? Using e.g. npm run build (depending on the gui plugin you are editing, see the package.json commands)
2 - Then, if you make dev, sources will actually be used from your local changes.
3 - If you make without dev, sources will be embedded inside the binary at compilation time.