Hard redirection in cells2


I’ve install the new version of pydio, unfortunately my old public link is not avaible.
Can i make a hark redirection of old public link to new public link in the configuration of pydio ?

Like in .htaccess ?

I try to make the same public link in my new installation with /pydio but the /pydio is not taken.

Anyone has an idea ?Capture d’écran_2021-04-20_13-53-53

Hi @Sebastien and welcome to the forum.

Nope. There is no basepath concept in Cells that can enable to serve the website in a subpath of your FQDN in current version (typically: https://example.com/pydio ) your only option is to use a subdomain like https://pydio.example.com.

I personally haven’t used .htaccess for a while, but I assume you want to respond with a 301 Moved Permanently when being requested for a legacy link that has moved to cells.

You cannot register this directly in Cells 2.2, however it is quite easy to add a reverse proxy in front of your server on the same server to intercept a (sub)path and to respond with a 301.

You have plenty of example in our documentation that can get you started.

Hi @bsinou ,

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Like you tell me, i add a reverse proxy with an apache and it’s work properly, so everything is good :slight_smile:

PS : sorry for my bad english :s

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