Git file history not displayed with IE11

I have a display problem with IE 11 for the GIT file versioning. files version not displayed.

Work well with Chrome & Edge.

Pydio ver 8.2.1 on Oracle linux 7 with php7.1

Just curious if you tested it using IE 11 browser compatibility mode on or did you test it using Edge browser?

yes IE11 with compatibility mode . With Edge , it work well.

i will take a look about that and do some testing on IE10,
could you give me the exact version of windows please the information could be helpful.

Hi, here the version :
Windows 7 SP1 With IE-11 11.0.9600.19101

Windows 10 Ver 1803 Operating system version : 17134.228 with IE-11 11.228.17134.0